Control Cabinets & Enclosures

HVAC Control Cabinets & Enclosures

Hoffman Steel EnclosureNECC sells the most complete assortment of HVAC control cabinets & enclosures. There are many sizes, shapes and styles of HVAC control & electrical cabinets, panels and enclosures. Ranging from enclosures that are designed to protect one small control from the elements, up to HVAC large control cabinets designed to hold multiple controls, VFD’s and more. Some models are meant to be safe from dust, while other HVAC control cabinets can protect instruments from water, outside weather and more.

Consult the NEMA Classification Chart for Enclosures listed below: If you need us to do it for you, we have a UL rated panel design and fabrication department for your convenience. We can do it all for you and ship it to your location.

Here is list of linked pages that NECC designed to help you make the best choice of enclosure for your application. If you need help finding exactly what you need, call us at 800-227-9800. We’re here to help you.