Barber Colman Remote Bulb Controllers

Barber-Colman remote bulb temperature controls come in a variety of styles and control signals to control a sensed media in ducts, pipes, boilers, tanks, outdoor or any applications where you want the control outside the existing condition. These controls come in a variety of sensing bulbs and lengths. Models with one switch, multiple switches and proportioning modes of control are available.

Part # Range Switch Differential Element  
TC-2974 50 to 210°F SPDT 10A 10°F Strap-on Call... Add to Order
TC-4121 -40 to 120°F SPDT 3-16°F 10' armored Call... Add to Order

Barber Colman Outdoor Reset Temperature Controls

This control provides a simple method of changing the controlled setpoint in relation to the outdoor temperature. One bulb senses the controlled media, the second bulb senses the outdoor air temperature. The temperature of the controlled media increases as the outdoor air temperature decreases, thus providing only the minimum heat necessary for the ambient conditions. this results in decreased heat loss and results in considerable energy savings.

Part # Range Switch Diff Element Features  
TC-4152 70-120°F SPDT 3-16°F 30' cap. 1:1 Ratio Call... Add to Order