Powers Pneumatic "D" Stats


With the advent of the current mini-style pneumatic thermostats the old, reliable Powers “D” stat represents the last examples of the way they used to build them. They’re expensive, but they will work and take abuse like none of the others currently available. They will long outlast any of the current “new style” mini thermostats.

Powers “D” Direct Acting Thermostat


While the “D” Room Thermostat is primarily designed for control of individual rooms heated or cooled by radiation, ventilation or an air conditioning system
it is very versatile. Other applications include room control of radiant panels, finned radiation, and unit ventilators.


The TH832 “D” Room Thermostat is a gradual acting pneumatic instrument recommended for room temperature control in heating and air conditioning applications. Among the outstanding features of the “D” thermostat are its rapid response to temperature change and its unique design which prevents a constant waste of air.

Part # Desc/Accessory  
814-018 Cast Metal Gym Guard Call... Add to Order
832-0120 Concealed Adjustable with Thermometer Call... Add to Order
832-034 Surface Mount Kit Call... Add to Order
832-040 Replacement Chassis Call... Add to Order
832-0500 Key Adjustable with Thermometer Call... Add to Order
832-179 Test Head Assembly Call... Add to Order
833-033 Adjustment Knob Call... Add to Order
856-036 Cover for 832-0120 Call... Add to Order
856-044 Cover for 832-0500 Call... Add to Order