Pneumatic Thermostat Competitive Selection Chart

Pneumatic Thermostats – U Pick ‘Em

This chart shows the most commonly used wall mounted pneumatic thermostats.

Two pipe single temperature, day/night, and summer/winter stats can be selected from the chart. Universal conversion kits are also listed for fast and efficient replacement of obsolete thermostats. Thermostats can be easily interchanged between manufacturers. We carry a large assortment of what ever brand you choose. Make your selection yourself or with our help.


Specify horizontal or vertical, with or without thermometer, or blank.

Part # MFG Type Action  
14001984-500 Honeywell Blank Cover - Call... Add to Order
14002132-101 Honeywell Cover With Exp. Setpoint & Therm. - Call... Add to Order
2214-122 Robertshaw Day / Night RA Call... Add to Order

Robertshaw Pneumatic Thermostats

Compact Robertshaw Pneumatic Thermostats are an economical alternative to the high prices of other major brands. Where cost is a major factor, rely on Robertshaw’s full assortment of pneumatic thermostats, adapters and accessories.

Cover not included— purchase separately.

Barber-Colman Pneumatic Thermostats

Barber–Colman’s full line of pneumatic thermostats is one of the most comprehensive available. Known for the most flexible electronic line on the market, rely on Barber–Colman for all of your temperature control needs — pneumatic, electric, electronic and direct digital.

Barber–Colman stats include a multipurpose cover with 3 faceplates

Part # Action Type Cover  
TBP130 DA 2 Pipe 1 Temp Included Call... Add to Order
TBP150 RA 3 Pipe 1 Temp Included Call... Add to Order