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Powers/Honeywell Pneumatic Temperature Controllers

Powers Temperature Transmitters

Powers Limitem Thermostats

The Reliable Powers Limitem Thermostats are a rugged line of controllers used in commercial and industrial applications. Available in direct and remote bulb models and the most commonly used ranges.

Capillary Clip for Remote Bulb Models: Order # CC4

Part # Range F Action Bulb  
357-0005 120 to 230 D.A. 40' cap. Call... Add to Order

Honeywell Pneumatic Temperature Controllers

High-capacity, single-temperature controller used to provide proportional control of pneumatic dampers/ and valves regulating air and liquid temperatures. This controller may be used as a primary limit, mixed air, outdoor air, changeover or discharge controller for air or water.

Part # Action Bulb Type  
LP920A1013 D.A. Well Call... Add to Order
LP920A1039 D.A. 5' cap. Call... Add to Order
LP920B1011 R.A. Well Call... Add to Order
LP920B1029 R.A. 10" cap. Call... Add to Order