Damper Installation Hardware

Low Leakage Control Dampers

An important way to stop energy loss is to replace old, leaky control dampers. Standard or custom sizes are quickly available to make your replacement or new installation as easy as possible.

CALL US! Specify your dimensions, type of damper and actuator you need. We have a complete assortment of Electric or Pneumatic operators and accessories in stock.

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DAMPER TYPE Parallel, Opposed, Smoke, etc.
DAMPER DIMENSIONS Width, then height for square; Diameter for round
ACTUATOR MOUNT Internal or External Post, Rotary, Direct Mount
ACTUATOR TYPE Pneumatic, Electric, 4-20mA, 2-Position, Modulating, etc.
LINKAGES See Damper Accessories, Section for Crankarms, Push Rods, Ball Joints, etc.

Damper Linkage Kits

When you’re using electric motors to operate dampers, you have to use a damper linkage kit for mounting and coupling the motor to the damper.

Order an Electric or Pneumatic Actuator with your Dampers.

Part # Description Brand  
Y20DAB-2 Motor Mounting Bracket, Motor Crankarm, Damper Crank, 2 Balljoints, (1) 249 Push Rod Johnson Call... Add to Order

LEAKY DAMPERS! A Major Energy Waster

When it’s real hot or real cold, it’s essential to keep unwanted, untreated air from entering the building. New low leakage dampers are the best answer. When that’s not possible, give your old dampers new efficiency with…

Pneuline Low Leakage Damper Blade Gaskets

Special formula polyethylene molded gaskets. Simply slip over the edge of the blade – it holds firmly. Standard eight (8') foot lengths cut to size easily.

Part # Damper Blade Gasket  
DG101 8' Polyethylene Damper Gasket Call... Add to Order

Solid-State Damper Positioner Kit

Made of durable red clay. Simply place under the bottom damper blade for convenient outdoor air minimum positioning.

BRICK 1 10% O.A. Positioner
BRICK 2 20% O.A. Positioner

Damper Accessories

5/16" diameter pushrod available in various lengths.
Straight type balljoint used for connecting drive arms to push rods. For 5/16" push rods.
DAMPER BLADE BRACKET Attached to damper blade for connection to linkage.

Part # Damper Accessories Function  
BJ516 Balljoint - Call... Add to Order
DA012 Damper Arm for 1/2" Shaft - Call... Add to Order
DMPR-KC100 Blade-to Blade Linkage Kit Drives 2 Vertically Coupled Dampers Call... Add to Order
DMPR-KC101 External Pin-to-Pin Linkage Kit Drives Two Vertically Coup;led Dampers Call... Add to Order
DMPR-KC150 Blade-to-Blade Bracket Kit Couples 1-NO and 1-NC Damper Joined Side-By Side Call... Add to Order
DMPR-KC151 Blade-to-Blade Bracket Kit Couples 2 Horizontally Joined Dampers Call... Add to Order
DMPR-KC250 Manual Quadrant To Manually Operate Dampers Call... Add to Order