Circuit Balancing Valves

Balancing Hydronic Circuits

Balancing a hydronic circuit requires the installation of adjustable valves at key points to ensure that the flow is as close as possible to design value throughout the circuit. A well-balanced circuit reduces energy use by:

  • Optimizing distribution of heat throughout the building, providing occupant comfort at lower average building temperatures.
  • Optimizing distribution of cooling throughout the building, providing occupant comfort at higher average building temperatures.
  • Reducing average building temperatures.
  • Eliminating short circuits to reduce cycling.
  • Extending equipment life, reducing maintenance costs.

Armstrong Circuit Balancing Valves

Armstrong Circuit Balancing Valves are available in sizes from 1/2'' to 12'', with pressure differential readout ports on both sides of the valve body for easier installation. Armstrong’s unique flow control plug and handwheel design provides more precise control than standard ball valve and automatic flow limiting configurations.

* Pipe size must be specified with Order # when ordering

* Flanged ratings: Design Class 125 = 250 psi Design Class 250 = 375 psi

Bell & Gossett Circuit Setter Plus Calibrated Balance Valve

The new Circuit Setter Plus calibrated balance valve is specifically for pre-set proportional system flow balance at minimum pump operating horsepower. Terminal unit balance valves can be simply pre-set using the B & G Circuit Setter Calculator and the system balance and startup time is reduced dramatically. Includes Circuit Setter Balance Valve Calculator.

Part # Size Conn Type Price  
CB-1 1'' Threaded $175.00 Add to Order
CB-1-1/2 1-1/2'' Threaded $280.00 Add to Order
CB-1-1/4 1-1/4'' Threaded $245.00 Add to Order
CB-1/2 1/2'' Threaded [Contact us for a price or a substitute]
CB-1/2S 1/2'' Sweat $117.00 Add to Order
CB-2 2'' Threaded $224.65 Add to Order
CB-2-1/2 2-1/2'' Threaded $725.00 Add to Order
CB-3 3'' Threaded $1,080.00 Add to Order
CB-3/4 3/4'' Threaded $117.00 Add to Order
CB-3/4S 3/4'' Sweat $128.00 Add to Order
CB-4 4'' Flanged [Contact us for a price or a substitute]