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Belimo Pressure Independent/Balancing Valves

NEW! P2 Series Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valve

Belimo’s Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valveis a two-way valve that supplies a specific flow regardless of pressure variations in the system. Proven 6x reduction in water flow rates in heating systems and 4x reduction in chilled water systems, when compared to conventional globe valves. These valves maintain ΔT for higher efficiency in chillers and condensing boilers.

PICCVs are available in a wide variety of maximum flow rates. This allows you to match the design GPM flow rate more accurately than possible with the selection of a conventional Cv calculated valve. Belimo offers custom flow rates to better satisfy demanding application requirements. The smallest incremental setting is 0.50 GPM and the smallest flow is 0.50 GPM.

Belimo PICCV – Energy Efficient Valves for Today’s Green Technology

  • Easy selection, no Cv calculation required
  • Hydronic balancing is simplified, as the circuits are not interactive
  • Flexible commissioning
  • One piece installation save 50% of labor costs, installation space and investment for balancing valve
  • Reduces pumping costs
  • Maintains ΔT for higher efficiency of chillers and condensing boilers
  • Visualizes flow in a BMS system and provides accurate flow for each degree of opening
  • Prevents overflow or underflow for fast start-up
  • Available with Floating Point or Multi-Function Technology®(MFT) actuators
  • Custom flow rates/Certified Factory Calibrated flows available

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