Armstrong Bearing Conversion Kits

Armstrong Seal Bearing Conversion Assemblies

For most Armstrong and Bell & Gossett In-Line Circulating Pumps.

This unique concept in replacement parts standardization offers significant advantages for pump maintenance firms and large commercial and industrial users of circulating pumps. It’s based on a seal bearing assembly design that uses an interchangeable pump shaft bearing assembly.

With as few as five types of seal bearing assemblies on hand, more than 100 different Armstrong and Bell & Gossett pump models can be converted to this program during routine maintenance. Once the conversion is made, future maintenance will normally require replacement of the seal/bearing module only. Since all seal bearing assemblies accept the same module, elaborate and costly parts inventories are not necessary.

The Armstrong Seal/Bearing Repair Module includes all the components you need for a complete repair: Shaft, water seals, bearing, copper sleeve, oil seals and a stainless steel plate.

Because it has a stainless steel plate, you can use the conversion kit on cast iron, bronze-fitted or all-bronze pump assemblies. It features a positive mechanical seal in the well-known “Armseal” construction … a tried and proven method of preventing water leakage. Made of long lasting, hard wearing materials, it ensures many years of noise-free, trouble-free service.


  • Newly designed oil-lubricated sleeve bearing offers long-life operation
  • Shaft module has an alloy steel shaft with copper sleeve and positive oil o-ring seals

2 Series

S-25-¾ #75 Order # 816019-002

Order # 816999-041
S-25-1 #100
S-25-1¼ #125
S-25-1½ #150
3 Series
S-35 2

Order # 816549-091

Order # 816023-001

(Bell & Gossett only)

H-32-1 HV-1
H-32-1¼ HV-1¼
H-32-1½ HV-1½
4 Series
S-45-2½ Order # 816027-002
S-45-3 3 LD
S-46 3 HD
H-41 1 PR
5 Series
S-55 P-35 Order # 816032-000
S-57 PD-37
H-51 60-1 or 60-11
H-52 60-2
H-53 60-3 or 60-13
H-54 60-4 or 60-14

Part # Description  
816019-002 Armstrong Seal Bearing Assembly Call... Add to Order
816023-001 Armstrong Seal Bearing Assembly Call... Add to Order
816027-002 Armstrong Seal Bearing Assembly Call... Add to Order
816032-000 Armstrong Seal Bearing Assembly Call... Add to Order
816549-091 Armstrong Seal Bearing Assembly Call... Add to Order
816999-041 Seal/Bearing Repair module Call... Add to Order