Vaisala Humidity Transmitters

Vaisala Meets All Of Your Humidity Measurement Needs!

From low-cost individual sensors to hand-held monitors to high-accuracy transmitters, Vaisala products are relied on for their superior design, quality and performance in all industrial process and HVAC/EMCS applications. Energy management computers require a high quality standard for reliable measurements.

Vaisala is used by Johnson Controls, Barber-Colman, Andover and others.

Vaisala 3% Humidity Transmitters

Vaisala’s most recent technological advancement in RH measurement is the revolutionary INTERCAP® sensor. Precise laser-trimming technology ensures that all INTERCAP sensors are totally interchangeable with one another. This means that sensors can be replaced in the field, and you can be back in operation without recalibrating the instrument.

NOTE: 1% and 2% humidity transmitters are also available. The significant increase in cost is only advisable when rigid humidity standards are required. HVAC comfort does not usually need such precision.

Part # Signal Input Mount  
HMW82 4-20mA 10-28Vdc Wall Call... Add to Order
HMD42 4-20mA 10-28Vdc Duct Call... Add to Order
HMD53 0-10Vdc 15-35Vdc 12-24Vac Duct Call... Add to Order
HMW83 0-10Vdc 15-35Vdc 12-24Vac Wall Call... Add to Order

Vaisala Intrinsically Safe 3% Humidity Transmitters

An intrinsically safe humidity transmitter, the HMP260EX model is designed for use in potentially explosive environments. Hospitals, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as many processing industries should use this type of transmitter where substances such as solvents, explosive dusts, etc. present such a hazard. The HMP260EX can even be used in hydrogen, one of the most easily ignitable gases.

  • For use in hazardous locations
  • Meets classification EEx is (T6) Classes I, II, III, Div. 1, Groups A–G
  • Comes complete with barriers enclosed in separate NEMA-4 housing
  • Input: 24Vdc
  • Range: 0–100%

Part # Output  
HMP260EX 4–20mA Call... Add to Order