Signal Simulators

The devices on this page give you a choice of ways to have a Universal Signal Testing tool for setup, calibration or servicing of electronic devices.They have the capacity of generating the most popular signals used in the Building Automation & HVAC controls trade …

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Pneuline Controls Universal Signal Generator

Current, Voltage, Resistance and … The Only Test Device That Generates A Pulse Simulation

The PSG1 Universal Signal Generator is a handheld programmable signal generator designed to simulate analog or pulse signals from controllers, sensors and other building automation system components. The analog signal can be within the range of 0–10Vdc or 0–20mA. The pulse output is capable of delivering an absolute, looping or duty cycle type pulse.


  • LCD Display
  • User friendly prompts
  • Generates pulse and analog signal types for system checkout
  • Belt carrying pouch

Uses external power supply—not included.

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Belimo Universal Signal Simulating Tool

The PS-100 Power Supply and Signal Simulator is designed to operate most proportional, floating and on-off style actuators without the presence of a controller. The multi-function digital display can read either the 0–10Vdc output or a 0–10Vdc feedback signal either as voltage or percentage of control. Included is a 120 to 24Vac wall-plug transformer for power, and a black fabric carrying case.

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Johnson Controls Signal Simulating and Testing Tool

The M9000 Commissioning Tool combines accurate and reliable technology in a user-friendly, yet economical package. It provides four control signals to drive incremental, proportional and resistive input actuators. This tool saves on installation time and is compatible with most all models. LED displays feedback voltages and indicates mode selection and auxiliary switch positioning. Includes plug-in transformer and carrying case.

Input Feedback: 0–30Vdc

Output Signals: Proportional 0–20Vdc; 0–20mA

Floating: 24Vac nom.

Resistive: 0–135 ohms; 0–1000 ohms

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