VAV Terminal Units-Nailor

Nailor Variable Air Volume Terminal Units

Variable air volume (VAV) / Constant Volume boxes are great energy savers by delivering the exact amount of heated or cooled air to the conditioned space. They supply a constant temperature to an area and vary the volume as opposed to a conventional HVAC system which supplies a constant volume and varies the temperature.

Whether you need a large quantity for new construction, tenant fit-out, remodeling or just one add-on or replacement box, NECC can supply the unit with the specifications that you require. With today’s energy conservation and efficiency requirements, these VAV air terminals are designed for and are adaptable to any modern VAV requirement.


  • 16 ga. Corrosion resistant steel inclined opposed blade damper with seals
  • 22 ga. Zinc coated steel casing, mechanically sealed, low leakage construction
  • 45˚ rotation
  • 1/2" diameter plated steel drive shaft
  • An indicator mark on the end of the shaft shows damper position
  • Tight close-off. Damper leakage is less than 2% of nominal flow at 3” w.g.
  • Gauge taps provided for field calibration and balancing
  • Multi-point averaging Diamond Flow Sensor for pressure independent applications
  • 3/4" dual density insulation

Please supply the following requirements:
1. Duct size and/or air volume.
2. Type of control (electric, pneumatic, DDC).
3. Cooling or Heating only.
4. Cooling with Hot Water Reheat
5. Cooling with Electric Reheat
6. Other options your application requires.