Pneumatic Receiver Gauges and Test Gauges

Johnson Controls Multi-Range Pneumatic Test Receiver Gauges

These handy gauges come in two popular multi-range scaleplates. 2.5" dial, 2% of span accuracy 1/8" back connection. U-clamp included for panel mount use.

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Receiver Gauges

These gauges are calibrated to the standard 3–15 psi pneumatic signal range. Ranges shown are calibrated to read temperature and humidity signals sent from pneumatic transmitters.

Large Scale Receiver Gauge

Dual scale. Outer scale shows actual 3–15 psi reading. Inner scale is calibrated to read 0–100. These models have a durable aluminum back flanged case and threaded ring for panel mounting. 1/4" NPT connection.

Aluminum Back Flange Case with Threaded Ring

Part # Dial Connection  
4112591 4.5" Bottom Call... Add to Order
4112592 4.5" Back Call... Add to Order
6112591 6" Bottom Call... Add to Order
6112592 6" Back Call... Add to Order