Analog input-LonWorks Transducer

1 Analog Input—1 Analog Output LonWorks Node

This module allows the user to read an analog input signal and control one jumper selectable output. Used for connecting analog devices to the LonWorks network. Outputs are software rescaleable. The LAO model uses the LonTalk network protocol and a free topology bus transceiver. It also incorporates a service LED and service pushbutton switch for network configuration and troubleshooting. The transducer can also be DIN rail mounted using the optional kit above.


  • Power: 24Vac/dc, 230mA max.
  • Analog inputs: jumper selectable— 0–5, 10, 15Vdc; 0–20mA; 5Vdc output to 10K ohm thermistor
  • Twisted pair input: FTT-10A transceiver input to the LonWorks bus
  • Outputs: 0–10Vdc; 0–20mA


  • DDC control • Controller interface to LonWorks
  • LonWorks Adapter from other • Sensor interface to LonWorks interfaces

NOTE: For protocol and configuration information, contact our engineering department and we’ll fax the data to you.

Part # Analog LonWorks Transducer  
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