Johnson Controls Electronic HVAC Controllers

Johnson Controls System 450Johnson Controls System 450™ digital electronic controls easily assemble to provide reliable control of temperature, humidity and pressure for a wide variety of HVACR, commercial and industrial process applications. The conveniently designed modules provide a field-configurable out-of-the-box solution. Most modules can control temperature, humidity and pressure simultaneously. A single C450 control module can be set up stand-alone or Johnson Controls System 450connected to expansion modules to connect up to ten on/off relay and proportional analog outputs, based on any of the three inputs. Control modules with Communications enable connection to Modbus or Ethernet networks for remote monitoring and set up. The Modbus module is an RS485, RTU compliant slave device. The Ethernet module has an integral web serve that can deliver pages via direct connection, on your LAN or across the Internet.

Part # Description Price  
BKT287-1R DIN Rail - 12 in. $27.52 Add to Order
C450SPN-1C Analog Expansion Module 1 AO $118.29 Add to Order
C450SQN-1C Analog Expansion Module 2 AO's $218.82 Add to Order
C450YNN-1C Power Supply Module 120/208/240 VAC to 24 VAC $82.80 Add to Order
C450CPW-100C Hybrid Control Module for EC Motor $266.14 Add to Order
C450CPN-3C Standard Control Module w/LCD 1 AO [Contact us for a price or a substitute]
C450CQN-3C Standard Control Module w/LCD 2 AO's $273.42 Add to Order
C450CCN-3C Standard Control Module w/LCD 2 SPDT Relays $273.42 Add to Order
C450CBN-3C Standard Control Module w/LCD 1 SPDT Relay $229.68 Add to Order
C450RBN-3C Reset Control Module 1-Stage $337.11 Add to Order
C450RCN-3C Reset Control Module 2-Stage $413.99 Add to Order
C450SBN-3C Relay Expansion Module 1 SPDT Relay $118.29 Add to Order
C450SCN-3C Relay Expansion Module 2 SPDT Relays $218.82 Add to Order
C450CEN-1C Control Module Ethernet $620.25 Add to Order
WHA-C450-100C Connection extension cable - 1 meter $82.70 Add to Order
C450CRN-1C Control Module Modbus $620.25 Add to Order