Johnson Controls Pneumatic Actuators

Johnson Controls 1" Stroke Pneumatic Actuators For VAV and Small Terminal Units

The D-3031 Pneumatic Actuator is designed primarily for damper positioning on small terminal units. Models, furnished with 1 in. stroke, have two movable adjustment stops to facilitate adjusting the stroke in 1/8" increments.

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Damper Actuators Light Duty (4 sq. ft.)

The D-3062 Pneumatic Piston Damper Actuator is used to accurately position small dampers primarily on variable air volume (VAV) and terminal units. The actuator is also recommended for use on other air flow control dampers, in interior locations, with a maximum area of 4 sq. ft.

Stroke: 2"

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Damper Actuators Medium Duty (6.75 sq. ft.)

Medium and heavy duty models come complete with:

  • universal mounting bracket
  • blade pin extension
  • blade arm
  • bearing
  • crankarm
  • all fasteners for proportion/air dampers

Stroke: 6.5"

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Damper Actuators Standard Duty (16 sq. ft.)

The D-3153 Pneumatic Actuator is used primarily for operating ventilating dampers in response to the output signal of a pneumatic controller or transducer. This actuator is recognized for use on UL classified 555/555S smoke and combination fire/smoke dampers which have been tested and approved to a degradation temperature of 250˚F

Stroke: 3''

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Damper Actuators Heavy Duty

D-3240 Series Pneumatic Piston Actuators are multipurpose positioning devices used for operating inlet vanes on centrifugal fans and compressors. These actuators can also be used on other applications that require a large amount of positioning power from a single actuator such as large dampers.

Typical D-3240 Series Swivel Mounted Actuator

Stroke: 4''

Johnson Controls Pneumatic Actuator Parts

D-251-#2 D-3062
D-257-#2S D-3031
D-251-#3 D-4074
D-251-#4 D-3153
D-251-#5,6 D-3246
D-255 D-4070
D-3000 D-3062

Johnson Controls Valve Packing Kits

ORDER# Series Suffix
JVP999 V-5210 3752,54,66; 3854; 3966,70,74; 4322,24,32,34,40
V-5250 556, 568
V-5490 820
V-5840 144, 150, 434
JVP602 V-5250 575,76,77,78,79,82,83,94,95,96,99
V-5460 851,60,61,68,69
V-5840 454,55,57
JVP603 V-5250 584, 700, 702
V-5460 704, 708, 855, 864
V-5840 476, 477, 482, 483
JVP626 V-5230 4413,14,15
V-5410 ALL
V-5430 4413,14,15,18,19,20
JVP650 V-5230 4402,08,09,10,12,16,17,18,19,20,21,22
V-5430 4402,08,09,10,12,16,17,21,22
JVP682 V-5250 587,90,91; 704,06
V-5460 720,24,52,60,84,88; 870
V-5840 478,79,80,84,85,86

Johnson Controls Valve Actuator Diaphragms

JVD600 V-3000-1; V-3752,66; V-3966,70,74;
V-4322,24,32,34; V-4440;
JVD631 V-5430-4402,08,09,10,16,17,21
JVD601 V-3000-2 3-1/2''
JVD631 (3R) V-5230, V-5840 6''
JVD602 (4R) V-5230, V-5430, V-5460, V-5650, V-5840 8''
JVD603 (5R) V-5230, V-5430, V-5460, V-5650, V-5840 10''
JVD604 (8R) V-5210, V-5230, V-5410, V-5460, V-5650, V-5840 16''
JVD611 V-3854 3-1/4'' Oval