“The only true job security is to get very good at what you do for a living”.

NECC wants to help you.

Technology is changing
our industry at an ever-increasing rate. Today’s HVAC professionals need to stay current with more various types of controls and systems than ever before. The result is an increasing need for training on new technologies, as well as refresher courses in legacy systems. Training is not merely important for technicians, but for managers and sales people as well, so they can be familiar with what they are selling or managing.

Well-trained companies will continue to command stronger market shares and higher profits than their competitors.

The results of a well-trained staff are:

• Fewer occupant complaints/callbacks. 

• Increased customer loyalty. 

• Better employee retention.  

• Lower operating/energy costs.

Over more than 30 years, NECC gained a national reputation of being an important source for technical training and engineering support.

NECC conducts controls workshops on many subjects locally and nationally for Carrier, Trane, the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Department of Commerce, the Pipe Fitters Union and many other commercial, institutional and government agencies.

Call (800) 227-9800 to find out more about NECC’s training programs. We’ll provide you with quotes for on-site training, conducted with your people on your equipment.

“We cannot purchase efficiency; we can enable it through continual training, testing, certification and encouragement.”

Mark McGann,
National Association of Power Engineers PA76 - Chapter President (current)
National Association of Power Engineers National President (2010)
National Energy Control Corporation (NECC)
Vice President/General Manager


NECC is proudly sponsoring a one-day hands-on workshop designed to familiarize attendees with Belimo's air damper actuators, valves and valve actuators. This course is usually presented at their factory in Danbury, CT. Rob Renz of Belimo is presenting it for us, locally. 


Join us for our Two-Day Hands-On Pneumatic Control Fundamentals Workshop in Essington, PA.

March 14-15, 2016:  Pneumatic Control Fundamentals Workshop (16 hrs)

 Click on the course title for more information. To register, please complete the registration form, save it and return it via fax to (610) 789-7300, or email to Patti at patti@necc-controls.com.

Coming Soon:

                     Stay tuned for more training opportunities from NECC!


READ what our alumni say:

- "As a result of the HVAC pneumatics class we were able to reduce our annual expenses…. …would have cost my employers $4600.”
- "My employers have decided these classes do not cost, they earn! …they have increased the continuing educational budget for my department to make it easier for me to attend.

- “Class was very good!”


- “I would love to take more classes with the same instructor!”


- “Great class!”


- “Very informative. Enjoyed being able to work hands on with the equipment.”


- “Everything was excellent. Thank You!”


- "It was a great refresher course. working with all of the thermostats and controllers."


- "It's difficult to find courses that are this good!"

Call 800-227-9800 for more details, or to register.


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