Quincy Air Compressors

New state-of-the-art design
Quincy Air Compressors
specifically built for the climate control market

  • Fast and easy installation
  • Saves expensive labor costs


  • ASME coded and National Board approved receiver tank
  • ASME coded safety relief valve
  • Pressure gauge
  • Manual shutoff valve at tank discharge
  • High-efficiency motors

Optional Factory Mounted Accessories:

  • Available with factory mounted air dryer
  • Hankison dryer and pressure regulator
  • Coalescing filter and gauges
  • Mounted and wired control panel

Quincy Simplex

Part # HP RPM Tank SCFM SCIM Wt  
QC07520D 7-1/2 604 200 35.7 61690 1696 Call... Add to Order
QC10024D 10 682 240 41.2 71194 1780 Call... Add to Order

Quincy Duplex

Part # HP RPM Tank SCFM SCIM Weight  
QC01006S 1 511 60 5 8640 480 Call... Add to Order
MR-G-D-A 25 832 240 106 183168 2744 Call... Add to Order

Need a Replacement Pump?
It’s Simple To Get Quick Service:

  1. Call and place your order.
  2. Have the model number and serial number available.
  3. We’ll immediately fax your order to Quincy customer service.
  4. Any pump can be drop shipped (air if needed) directly to your location.

Rely on NECC for all your new and replacement Quincy Compressors, accessories, and repair parts.

To get a maximum lifetime service from your Quincy compressor, consider using a minor overhaul kit. Most kits include felt, disc, diaphragm, valve assembly and more.

Other Quincy Accessories Available
• Intake air filters • Pressure Gauges • After coolers • Pulleys • Pressure Switches • Tank drains • Alternators • Lube oil • Moisture Traps • Safety valves • Motor Starters • Belts & guards

Temperature Control Air Compressors