Air Compressor Ordering Tips

How To Order Compressors

NECC offers you this simple to follow guideline to use when ordering a new or replacement compressor. Call us at 800-227-9800 and we'll walk you through the process.

A. Compressor Sizing Formula For New Installations or Replacement:

  1. Count the devices connected to the control system that use air.
  2. List the model and function of each device.
  3. Look up the air use (in scim) in the factory manuals.
  4. Total the air consumption of your control system (in scims).
  5. Divide the scims (Standard Cubic Inches/Minute) by 1728 to determine CFM.
  6. Multiply the CFM by 3 (this will give you the recommended 1/3 run time needed to assure maximum life and drier supply air).

B. For EXACT Compressor Replacement:

  1. Try to find the exact model#, serial # and the manufacturer's name of the compressor you are replacing.
  2. Determine anything special about the existing installation (voltage, accessories, special size tank piping, air station components, etc.)

C. MINIMUM Ordering Specifications:

  1. Capacity (delivered CFM output desired.)
  2. Size (hp. of the compressor.)
  3. Tank Size (in gallons.)
  4. Voltage and Phase (of the compressor motor.)
  5. Simplex or Duplex (one pump or two mounted on the tank. Duplex gives you longer life and standby capacity in the event of a pump failure.)
  6. Type of Compressor (lubricated or oil-less.)
  7. Pre-Mounted, Pre-Piped Drier Option (saves installation time.)
  8. Any Air Station Accessories Needed (regulators, condensate drains, relief valves, oil and air filters, pressure gauges, etc.)
  9. Installation Accessories (tank vibration pads, fittings, tubing, Teflon tape, restrictors, in line check valves, tubing tools, mounting clips, ty-wraps, spring clips, etc.)