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Self-Operating Valves

Johnson Controls 3-way Water Regulating Valves for Cooling Tower Systems

Designed specifically for condensing units cooled either by atmosphere or forced draft cooling towers. The 3-way valve senses the compressor head pressure and allows cooling water to flow to the condenser, bypass the condenser, or flow to both the condenser and bypass line.

Johnson Controls Temperature Actuated Modulating Water Valves

Series V47 temperature valves are widely used on heat exchangers to maintain optimum operating temperatures of air compressor’s, hydraulic oil, etc. They are used on condenser applications where expensive fluids are economically recovered or where the use of cooling water is restricted.

Part # Well  
WEL18A-601R Bulb Well Call... Add to Order

Johnson Controls Water Valve Renewal Kits

For Series V46 through V49 Commercial Water Valves

Renewal kits for pressure and temperature actuated water regulating valves. Each kit contains a seal, disc, diaphragms and all additional internal parts required to recondition the valves.

Part # Size Descr  
STT15A-605R 1/2" Commercial Kit, For Series V48, V49 – N.O. Call... Add to Order
STT16A-604R 3/4" Commercial Kit, For Series V48, V49 – N.O. Call... Add to Order
STT17A-616R 1" Commercial Kit, For Series V48, V49 – N.O. Call... Add to Order

Trerice Self-Operated Temperature Regulating Valves

Trerice “Self-Ops” are the preferred choice of OEM’s and mechanical contractors. These regulators require no external power source and are ideal for regulating the temperature in tanks, process streams and various types of equipment. The actuator is noted for its rugged die-cast aluminum housing, fully enclosed bellows assembly and over-range protection.

Valve bodies for the 91000/914000/91600 series are offered in single-seated, double-seated and 3-way design and are available in bronze, cast-iron, cast-steel and stainless steel construction. Choose from direct-acting (heating), reverse acting (cooling) or mixing. Valve sizes range from 1/2” to 6”, with various connection types available.

Thermal systems are available in a wide assortment of temperature ranges, indicating and non-indicating, and a variety of bulb and capillary configurations, as well as fail-safe actuators. Thermowells are available in brass, steel and 316 stainless steel.

Trerice Model 91000 (without indicating dial) features a lower profile and should be specified where space constraints may be an issue.

Trerice Model 91400 (with indicating dial) will allow the operator to verify the process temperature and to aid in temperature adjustment.

Trerice Model 91600 Fail-Safe actuator is designed to cause the valve to fail in a safe control position should accidental damage to the thermal system occur, resulting in loss of pressure charge.


  • Self-Operating Design
  • Indicating, non-indicating and safe models available
  • Heavy Duty Die Cast Aluminum Housing
  • 1/2" thru 6" Valve Sizes
  • Internal Over-range Protection

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Your NECC Sales Support Professional can help you select the Self-operated Temperature Regulating valve that’s right for your application!