New Retrofit Replacement Burner Control Modules

New Retrofit Replacement Burner Control Modules for Honeywell’s BC7000/PM720 or R4140

Honeywell R7140The Honeywell R7140G, L, M Burner Control Modules are microprocessor-based integrated burner control for automatically fired gas, oil or combination fuel single burner applications. The burner control module system consists of a Relay Module, Q520A Subbase, Amplifier and Purge Card. Options include Keyboard Display Modules (KDM).

The R7140 Burner Control Modules directly replace BC7000/PM720G, L, M or R4140G, L, M units using the existing Q520A Wiring Subbase.

ORDER # Pilot Type Flame Establishing Period Second Stage Pilot Valve Interlocks Comments
Main Pilot
R7140G1000 Interrupted or Intermittent 10 sec, or 15 sec, or 30 sec, or Intermittent 4 SEC,
selectable Running LHL-LF Proven for R4140G applications
R7140G2008 LHL-LF Proven for BC with PM720G applications
R7140L1009 Interrupted 10 sec, or 15 sec Interrupted Lockout LHL-LF Proven for R4140L applications
R7140L2007 LHL-LF&HF Proven with PM 7120L applications
R740M1007 Interrupted or Intermittent 10 sec or Intermittent Running On/Off-LF Proven for R4140 and BC with PM7120M applications


Constant Ignition is a constantly burning source of ignition such as a gas pilot flame (standing pilot). These are found in commercial and industrial sized equipment. Most home water heaters are also constant ignition

Intermittent Ignition: Is an ignition source (pilot or spark) for the main burner that was energized prior to the main fuel valve opening and remained energized during the entire time the main burner is being fired.

Interrupted Ignition: is an ignition source that proves pilot flame and is stopped some specific time after the main burner fuel valve is opened.