Pneuline Pneumatic Actuators for VAV Dampers

Pneuline Pneumatic Damper Operators

Pneuline® Offers a Complete Assortment of Pneumatic Damper Operators for all Your Air Control Needs

From light duty VAV box operators to the 10 x 10 inch workhorse you can conveniently select the model to suit your needs. Many models are available in nylon or metal housings. Larger sizes can be ordered in a variety of spring ranges or with a positive positioner.

Pneuline VAV Box Actuators

These Pneumatic Damper Actuators are designed primarily for use on VAV terminal units in HVAC systems.

All models are furnished with a right-angle mounting bracket which affords ease of mounting to the side of a VAV terminal. The actuator can be rotated in the mounting bracket so that the air connection can be positioned where desired. The shaft is terminated with a slot and clevis pin to allow direct connection to the damper linkage of a VAV terminal.

The all metal body allows use in ceiling plenums to meet local safety codes.

Stroke Supply
1- 11/16'' 0-20 psi

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