Current Signal Transducers

Universal Current Switches

These current-operated switches provide monitoring of all types of pumps, heating elements and motors. They can also provide direct control of light loads, such as lamps and relays. The split-core feature provides for easy installation. These solid state sensors operate when the current level sensed by the internal current transformer exceeds the minimum trip point. Internal circuits are powered by induction from the line being monitored. Comes complete with an ABS case that meets UL flammability rating 94V-O.

Models with LED indication operate as follows:

  • Rapid Flashing: Sensor is tripped ON
  • Slow Flashing: Current is present but is below the trip point
  • No Flashing: Current is either off or below the bottom range
Part # Monitored AC Current Trip Point Split Core LED  
S250 1-150 Amps Adjustable to 3 amps No Yes Call... Add to Order
SC225 1.5-250 Amps 1.5 amp Yes No Call... Add to Order
SC250 1.5-150 Amps Adjustable to 3 amps Yes Yes Call... Add to Order

Universal Current Signal Transducers

These current transducers convert a monitored AC current to a proportional DC voltage or current (0–5Vdc, 4–20mA). Four models accommodate most applications without external current transformers. They provide monitoring of motors, pumps and electrical loads where an analog representation is required over a range of currents.

Part # Ranges Jumper Max Cont Amps Output  
SC100-2 10-100 Amps, 15-150 Amps, 20-200 Amps None, Mid, High 200A, 300A, 400A 0–5Vdc Call... Add to Order
SC200-1 0-10 Amps, 0-20 Amps, 0-50 Amps None, Mid, High 200A 4–20mA Call... Add to Order
SC200-2 0-100 Amps, 0-150 Amps, 0-200 Amps None, Mid, High 200A 4–20mA Call... Add to Order