Pneumatic to DCC

WT-4000 Series Pneumatic to DDC Room Thermostat The WT-4000 Series Pneumatic to DDC Room Thermostat provides reliable zone comfort and enhanced energy economy via remote monitoring and temperature setpoint management. Designed for non-invasive replacement of existing manual pneumatic thermostats, the WT-4000 provides a number of advanced features:

  • Remote Wireless Setpoint Control.
  • Occupancy Scheduling.
  • Continuous monitoring of:
    • Branch line pressure.
    • Room Temperature.
    • Battery Status.

Models are available for stand-alone applications or wireless mesh communications. In a wireless mesh network application the WT-4000 communicates with the controller by means of the WT-ROUTER and WT-BAC-IP Gateway. Some models include binary dry contact input for an occupancy sensor (sold separately), to detect motion and determine of space is occupied.

All models have a liquid crystal display.

Part # Wireless Stand-Alone DA/RA Binary Input Price  
WT-4002-MFR YES  YES  YES  NO $1,080.00 Add to Order
WT-4002-MFM YES  YES  YES  YES $870.00 Add to Order
Part # Accessories Price  
WT-BAC-IP Gateway and BACnet server $2,200.00 Add to Order
WT-ROUTER Router/Network Extender $700.00 Add to Order
WT-BATTERY 3.6VDC 2700mAh Battery F/WT-4000 $128.00 Add to Order