Viconics Commercial Thermostats

    Viconics Communicating Zone/ Fan Coil Thermostats

    VT7200 Series PIR-Ready Zoning Controllers

    The Viconics VT7200 series controllers are specifically designed to control on/off, floating or 0-10 Vdc heating or cooling terminal equipment such as pressure dependent VAV's, valves or other end devices.

    Open protocol design provides network compatibility to BACnet MS/TP, Echelon Lontalk and Wireless Zigbee network systems,


    • Open protocol allows for easy integration.
    • Network ready models can be retrofit in the field with optional communications modules..
    • One simple wall mounted device to install, wire and commission.
    • Familiar "thermostat-like" look and feel.
    • Application specific controllers can be configured to meet most used applications.
    • No special software required for configuration.
    • Factory-installed PIR sensor or PIR ready controller.
    • Advanced occupancy and monitoring functions
    • Simple user interface.
Part # Outputs Com  
VT7200C5000 2 Floating, 1 triac None Call... Add to Order
VT7200C5000B 3 Floating, 1 triac BACnet Call... Add to Order
VT7200C5000E 4 Floating, 1 triac LonTalk Call... Add to Order
VT7200F5000 2 Analog, 1 triac None Call... Add to Order
VT7200F5000B 3 Analog, 1 triac BACnet Call... Add to Order
VT7200F5000E 4 Analog, 1 triac LonTalk Call... Add to Order

Viconics VT7300 Series PIR Ready

Low Voltage Fan Coil Controllers

The VT 7300 Series are designed to provide exceptional temperature control of multi-speed fan coil units with either on/off, floating or 0-10 Vdc valves.

Advanced models with built-in RH sensing and de-humidification strategies are available.

Part # Output Com  
VT7300C5000 Floating No Call... Add to Order
VT7300F5000 0-10 VDC No Call... Add to Order
VT7305C5000 Floating No Call... Add to Order
VT7350F5000 0-10 VDC Yes Call... Add to Order
VT7355C5000 Floating Yes Call... Add to Order
VT7355F5000 0-10 VDC Yes Call... Add to Order

Viconics Commercial ThermostatsViconics Commercial Roof Top Controllers

The VT7600 series is designed for single-stage and multi-stage control of heating/cooling equipment such as rooftop and self-contained units. Non-communicating "Network-Ready" models as well as communicating BACnet™ MS-TP, Echelon™ Lontalk™ and Zigbee™ wireless models are available depending on the application. Programmable and non-programmable models, multi-stage with economizer function models as well as a heat pump model for three heating / two cooling stages are also available depending on the applications.

Viconics VT7600H Heat Pump Controllers

Primariliy designed for use in small to mid-sized commercial building applications, VT7600 Series room controllers can be installed in any building using a standard rooftop or heat pump unit with a requirement for advanced fresh air control. Capable of controlling economizer-free cooling and demand-based ventilation strategies, The VT7600 Series provides freh air measurement input right out of the box.

Viconics VT7600W Water Source Heat Pump Controllers

The VT7600W water source heat pump controller (with dedicated dehumidifcation sequences) provides exceptional control of water source heat pumps for commercial buildings. Common indoor air quality issues such as mold, mildew, condensation, poor occupant comfort, and overall building health can be effectively resolved in an energy-efficient manner. Simple to install and commission, this wall-mounted device monitors temperature, as well as other points, offering added value without additional costs related to more complex systems.