Electronic In-Electronic Out Transducers

THE UNIVERSAL SIGNAL ADAPTER ... For Automating Old Buildings!


  • Input Ranges: 0–35Vdc; 0–44mA
  • Output Ranges: 0.25–20Vdc; 1.0–44mA
  • Gain: 1 to 25 times
  • Attenuation: 0-100%
  • Offset: ± 0.25 to 20V
  • Reverse Range: 20 to 0.25V
  • Mount: 2.25'' snap track or DIN rail option
  • Power: 24Vac/dc

One Unit Does It All! Current, Voltage, Input or Output, Increased, Decreased or Reversed.

One major problem in installing new products in existing buildings is signal compatibility. Older systems have many oddball ranges that don’t work with all the neat stuff we sell today. One answer is to replace all the old system components. Another, more economical, suggestion is to use signal conditioning devices.

The USA420 can take any selected input in the 0-35Vdc or 0-44mA ranges and convert it to your required electronic output. It can increase, decrease or reverse a signal. You can adjust the start point and span. This is the most flexible device to stock for anyone doing building automation retrofit. 20Vdc, 30mA output included for powering external devices.

0-2Vdc Johnson Controls
4-7Vdc Honeywell Series 70
2-15Vdc Barber-Colman

Signal Conversion Module With Optical Isolation

Rescale your signals and protect the devices from transients with one transducer.


  • Signal limiting—output will never go out of stated ranges regardless of what the input signal is
  • 600Vac/1500Vdc analog optical isolation
  • Selectable for voltage or current
  • On-board 24Vac isolation transformer
  • LED indicators for incoming and outgoing power supply
  • Snap-track mounting


  • Input Ranges: 0–10Vac; 0–20mA
  • Output Ranges: 0–10Vdc; 0–20mA
  • Power: 24Vac
  • Mount: 3.25'' snap track
Part # Rescaling AIM  
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