Analog to Pneumatic, 750 scim Supply/Exhaust


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PXP2.3  Electric to pneumatic transducer that incorporates two valves



The PXP*.3 is an electric to pneumatic transducer which converts an analog electrical input signal to a proportional pneumatic output. The PXP*.3 will automatically modulate its control valve(s) to regulate the branch line pressure to the selected set point as determined by the input signal. The PXP*.3 offers four selectable input ranges of 0 to 5, 0 to 10, 0 to 15 VDC and 0-20 mA that produce a 0 to 15 psig modulating output. A 0-5 VDC feedback signal indicating the resultant branch line pressure, is also provided. This signal varies linearly with branch pressure (0 volts = 0 psig, 5 volts = 15 psig). The PXP2.3 incorporates two valves and does not use air at set point. It’s branch exhaust flow and response time are not limited by an internal restrictor and are similar to its load rate. If power fails to the PXP2.3, branch line pressure remains constant if the branch line does not leak air. FAIL SAFE: The PXP2.3FS is equipped with a N.O. branch exhaust valve which allows exhaust of branch air on power failure. A manual override (jumper selectable) which controls the output pressure is provided for setup and troubleshooting. All factory calibrated products are NIST traceable. Certificates of Compliance must be ordered with product.



Three way mixing valve control

Pilot positioner control

Compressor staging

Chiller loading


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